Multiplication Geo Board


Moving from Abstract to Concrete - The Foundation of Montessori Education

Montessori believed that “what the hand does, the mind remembers”. The approach of involving hand in learning math process is logical, clear and extremely effective.

By surrounding your little one with concrete materials during sensitive, early years, you can help your child to learn the basic concepts of math. Concrete hands-on learning materials and educational toys make abstract concepts clearer for their curious minds.

educational board


Here is another learning board of ours that you can start using in early years of your child to make numbers, letters, shapes, pictures by rubber bands. And as your child gets older, more complex concepts like multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, geometric concepts like perimeter, area and the characteristics of polygons will be easily internalized by your little mathematician thanks to our Multiplication Geo Board.

This great gift for toddlers creates a fun, screen-free time in learning all types of 2D shapes and figuring out fractions. It helps to enhance their fine motor skills, concentration and creativity.

The board is 297x297mm (11 11/16” x 11 11/16”)

Please note that we can engrave your personalized text, (max. 20 characters) at the back of the board.

It is a durable toy which is intended for many years of use. We use birch plywood which is imported from Latvia in our production which has E1 and CARB EPA ULEF certificates. That means it meets both European and US Standards in toxic substance level tests. It is also environmental friendly with PEFC and FSC certificates.

To protect the plywood, we are coating the surfaces and all edges with water-based varnish which meets DIN EN-71-3 Standard for Safety of Toys.

WARNING! Chocking Hazard – Small Parts -Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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