Montessori Toy Box Bench

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Here is our toy storage bench! Easily create the perfect space for your little one:)

You can store your kid's toys and belongings under it and use it as a window seat or a bench. She can use it while putting on or taking off her socks and shoes or reading a book.

We offer 100% cotton bench cushion and the storage boxes as option but our toy storage bench is dimensioned for most of IKEA storage boxes. Some the options are as follows:


Please note that the storage box shouldn't be bigger than the dimensions below:

12.60" (H) x 13.75" (D) x 12.60" (W)
32cm (H) x 35cm (D) x 32 (W)

Our fabric storage baskets stand still since we support the fabric with cardboard inserts . You can easily wash the basket if it gets dirty by taking out the inserts.

We offer 2 different cushions for the bench. One if tufted and the other one is regular.


16.5" (H) x 43.3" (L) x 15.7" (D)
42cm (H) x 110cm (L) x 40cm (D)

Seat Cushion:
43.3" (L) x 15.7" (D) x 2" (H)
110cm (L) x 40cm (D) x 5cm (H)

Fabric Covered Boxes:
12.60" (H) x 13.75" (D) x 12.60" (W)
32cm (H) x 35cm (D) x 32 (W)

Here at Simre Kids, nothing is more important to us than a strong commitment to safety and quality. The materials that we use are chosen specifically because they are safe to children, and because they offer the highest quality available.

From the wool that we use to stuff our comforters, to the natural and untouched woods that we use to craft our furniture pieces, we’re always striving to embrace safety.

With one of the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry, our goal is to ensure that all of our wood-based products offer the highest level of safety for children. Not only are our toys and furniture pieces fun, inspiring, and highly tactile, but they also allow children to understand and respect the natural world – knowing that the toys and furniture pieces that their parents provide for them are made from the world around them.

That is why we use only OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificated, 100% cotton fabric and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificated hypoallergenic filling just to make sure you create a safe environment for your child.

Please note that we would love to make your little one a cushion which is at the exact dimensions and color you want it to be. Please contact me if you want to customize your order.
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