Montessori Self-care Station

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Empower your little one to participate in washing, brushing, and dressing with our Montessori Self-Care Station!

Many Montessori benefits come from letting children explore in a self-directed way that prioritizes sensory exploration. For this reason, a Montessori self–care station is so important. Creating independence in everyday tasks is key to provide a rich platform for children to thrive Essentially our kiddos just want to do what we do and it is our job to allow them and see them as capable and contributing members of the family.

You can add 100% cotton muslin towels so they can wipe their face face and little hands.

We offer a 100% cotton dirty clothes hamper to invite your child to carry their dirty clothes to the laundry area.

Some items that that you can make available to your children include:

-Soap and water for hand-washing
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-Tissues for nose-wiping

Base unit:
20" (H) x 30" (W) x 13.5" (D)
50.8cm (H) x 76.2cm (W) x 34.3cm (D)

Wall Shelf:

12" (H) x 30" (W) x 4"5/16 (D*)
30.5cm (H) x 76.2cm (W) x 11cm (D*)

The depth of the open shelves is 3"3/4 (9.5cm)

Muslin towels:

20cm x 40cm

Dirty Clothes Hamper

16"1/4 x 9"1/2 x 8"1/2
41cm x 24cm x 21.5cm

We are sure that you will love our extra absorbent towels. made of 8 layers of soft , 100% cotton muslin (gauze) fabric. They are perfect to wipe off your little one's sensitive skin.

The muslin fabric scrunches when washed with warm/hot water. Please wash it at before use at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) if you want to have them scrunched. You can iron them if you prefer to have them flat.


Self Care Unit Only:
This option includes only the self care unit. The muslin towels and the dirty clothes hamper are not included.

SCU+3 Muslin Towels:
1x Self Care Unit
3x muslin towels.

1x Self Care Unit
1x Dirty clothes hamper.

Complete Set:
1x Self Care Unit
3x muslin towels.
1x Dirty clothes hamper

Here at Simre Kids, nothing is more important to us than a strong commitment to safety and quality. The materials that we use are chosen specifically because they are safe to children, and because they offer the highest quality available.

From the wool that we use to stuff our pillows, to the natural and untouched woods that we use to craft our furniture pieces, we’re always striving to embrace safety.

With one of the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry, our goal is to ensure that all of our wood-based products offer the highest level of safety for children. Not only are our toys and furniture pieces fun, inspiring, and highly tactile, but they also allow children to understand and respect the natural world – knowing that the toys and furniture pieces that their parents provide for them are made from the world around them.

That is why we treat the natural ash wood and birch plywood with a wax, resin and water based self-sealing finish which is safe for your baby. It is water repellent and breathable, and easy to clean. It is tested and approved by IBR, Intitut für Baubiologie Rosenheim. The performed analysis certify that the finish is complying in terms of VOC content, biocides, heavy metals and radioactivity, guaranteeing full eco-compatibility with Green Building principles. The safety of the finish we use is guaranteed by EN 71-III certificate too.

It provides excellent protection with a pleasant natural matt effect. It prolongs the life of the plywood by increasing mechanical wear resistance of the plywood.

We use birch plywood which is imported from Latvia in our production. It has E1 and CARB EPA ULEF certificates which mean it meets both European and US Standards in toxic substance level tests. It is also environmental friendly with PEFC and FSC certificates.
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