Height Adjustable Panda the Learning Stool in Natural Finish

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Panda Learning Stool is super cute! It grows as your child grows and it can be converted into a table, just by positioning it horizontally! You can purchase an additional chair to let 2 kiddos use it as a table at the same time.


It is super easy to change the position of the panel your kiddo will be standing on as s/he becomes taller.

 With our Panda Learning Stool, your little chef will be watching, enjoying and even taking part in the meal preparation process. It will be a great opportunity for your little explorer to improve his/her fine motor skills, vocabulary and gain self-confidence while giving you much more time and freedom in kitchen.



We use birch plywood which is imported from Latvia in our production. Both we and our customers are very happy with the surface quality and durability of the material. I am sure; you are also going to love it! In addition to that the plywood we use has E1 and CARB EPA ULEF certificates which mean it meets both European and US Standards in toxic substance level tests. It is also environmental friendly with PEFC and FSC certificates.

To protect the plywood, we are coating the surfaces and all edges with water-based varnish and front surfaces with water based paint which meets DIN EN-71-3 Standard for Safety of Toys.

Panda the Kitchen Tower is delivered in flatpack, it is uninstalled. There is a manual inside the cardboard box and all you need is the to assemble it with Allen key which is also included in the fittings kit.

PS: We strongly recommend you not to leave your kids unattended while using the tower since they may try to climb over, stoop and lose balance.

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