Geometric Wooden Art

Discover our enchanting Geometric Wooden Wall Art, lovingly crafted from the finest ash wood remnants of our children's furniture production. This three-piece set, each panel measuring 24"x24"x1.2" (66cmx66cmx3cm), is a testament to our dedication to sustainability and artistry.

Artisanal Elegance from Leftovers
Embrace the warmth and unique story behind each piece of our Geometric Wooden Wall Art. Far from being "just leftovers," these remnants are transformed by skilled hands into exquisite art. Every strip of wood is meticulously hand-sanded, ensuring a smooth, tactile finish that beckons the touch and warms the heart.

Sustainable Beauty on Your Walls
Our commitment to eco-friendly practices shines through in this wall art set. Made with FSC-certified natural ash wood, each piece is an example of how beauty and sustainability can harmoniously blend. Our Zero Waste initiative isn't just about reducing waste; it's about reimagining it into something magical and enduring for your home.

Uncompromised Quality and Safety
Safety and quality are the cornerstones of Simre Kids. Our Geometric Wooden Wall Art is treated with a safe, water-repellent, and breathable finish, ensuring durability and a gentle touch to your living space. Each piece complies with the highest environmental and safety standards, proving that eco-friendly decor can be both beautiful and safe.

Tailored to Your Taste
Your home is your canvas, and our customizable wall art is the perfect accent to express your unique style. Whether it's adjusting the size or choosing the perfect shade to complement your decor, we're here to bring your vision to life. Experience the joy of a piece that's made just for you, with the warmth and character that only handcrafted art can provide.
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