Baby & Toddler Swing with Height Adjustable Cotton Rope - 100% Cotton Fabric

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Time to swing!

We have designed our indoor swings after carefully watching my daughter and all of our friends' babies.

We saw that:
-They sometimes bump their little heads on the dowels so we have turned all the fabrics on the dowels into little cushions by stuffing them with hypoallergenic material.

-They love to eat something while swinging and they love using the front dowel as a teether even when their mouths are full which causes the fabric on the front dowel to get dirty quiet fast. So we made the front bumper easily detachable since it will be washed quiet frequently:)

-Since they like using the front dowel as a teether, we though maybe they would like to have an actual one and added a teether to our swing:)

We do not like synthetic material around little kiddos. Therefore we used cotton fabric & ~3/8" (10mm) cotton rope. Yes, the cotton rope will stretch in time but it is better for them to touch cotton instead of something else.

Our swings are:

-For little kiddos 6 months who are able to sit on their own to 3 years old

-Sewn from double cotton fabric

Our swings have:

- 2in1 pillow, stuffed with hypoallergenic material

- the beads, the teether and dowels treated with natural oil, all included in base price

-rounded end dowels for extra safety

- 2 carabiners and hanging hooks. The hanging hooks are suitable for concrete and wooden surfaces

-optional rope height adjuster

Care Instructions:

-Hand/machine wash separately in cold water (at 80F - 30C). If the fabric is heavily dirty, please be especially diligent about pre-treating for stains. It may require a longer wash time or a pre-soak before washing to fully remove stains.

-Iron the swing at 400F / 204C (Choose "Cotton" or adjust the sliding scale to 5 (one being cool, seven being very hot)

-Ensure that the swing and the rope are thoroughly dry before storing them to avoid appearance of local mold.

Safety Instructions:

-Never leave your child unattended in the swing. Our swings are only to be used under the supervision of adults.

-Please make sure you have mounted the hooks properly to the wood or concrete surface and check the condition of the mounting hook, carabiners and the ropes regularly to avoid undesirable accidents.

-Please note that we are not responsible for any kind of injury that may occur due to a fall or improper mounting. Please watch your child at all times using the swing.

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