100% Cotton Water Repellent Apron for Kids


Here are our 100% cotton, water repellent aprons for your little chefs! Your kiddos can use these aprons during pretend play, baking, painting, crafting. They are also perfect Birthday party favors.

● Please note that you will have the apron as a gift if you purchase a kitchen helper:)


Please send an email to us if you want to personalize your little chef's apron!



-Hand/machine wash separately in cold water (at 80F - 30C). If the fabric is heavily dirty, please be especially diligent about pre-treating for stains. It may require a longer wash time or a pre-soak before washing to fully remove stains.
-Iron at 400F / 204C (Choose "Cotton" or adjust the sliding scale to 5 (one being cool, seven being very hot)

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