100% Cotton Tent Cover For Woodland House Montessori Bed


Here comes our 100% cotton canopy for our Woodland House Floor Bed!

*Please note that the bed and the wool mattress are sold separately. This listing is for the canopy only.

Here is the link of our Woodland House Montessori Floor Bed:



Here at Simre Kids, nothing is more important to us than a strong commitment to safety and quality. The materials that we use are chosen specifically because they are safe to children, and because they offer the highest quality available.

From the wool that we use to stuff our pillows, to the natural and untouched woods that we use to craft our furniture pieces, we’re always striving to embrace safety. That is why we use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton fabric to make sure you create a safe environment for your child.


-Hand/machine wash separately in cold water (at 80F - 30C). If the fabric is heavily dirty, please be especially diligent about pre-treating for stains. It may require a longer wash time or a pre-soak before washing to fully remove stains.
-Do not tumble dry.


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