Safety Is Our Top Priority

Here at Simre Kids, nothing is more important to us than a strong commitment to safety and quality. The materials that we use are chosen specifically because they are safe to children, and because they offer the highest quality available. From the wool that we use to stuff our pillows, to the plywood that we use to craft our furniture pieces (CARB Phase 2 Certified), we’re always striving to embrace safety.

About Woolmark Certified Products

Any of our products that use wool, such as our wool comforter or our wool pillow insert are all filled with 100% Woolmark certified pure wool. This means that they offer the highest quality softness in the market, along with a 100% biodegradable classification. Additionally, our wool is 100% natural and renewable.

You’ll never have to worry about products that affect your child’s skin, or dangerous toxins and fibers that your child could potentially ingest. Instead, all of our Woolmark Certified products deliver the highest safety standards for fabrics in the industry, allowing us to product products that are safe for you, your child, and of course, the environment.

About Our Organic Cotton Products

We only use 100% organic cotton fabrics in our pillows and blankets, as well as bedding sets and play mats. Why? Because it doesn’t contain GMO, it conserves water, it’s better for the environment, and it keeps your children warm, cozy, and most importantly, safe.

If you haven’t yet felt the difference with organic cotton, then it’s time for you to shop with us. Our organic cotton products offer a luxurious look and feel that allow parents to rest assured knowing that they’re truly choosing the best, safest, and most comfortable products for their children – and for the planet at large.

CARB Phase 2 Certified Plywood

One of the most important considerations that we’ve made when designing our products revolves around the use of chemicals like formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals in wood. All of our plywood and wood-based products are 100% CARB Phase 2 Certified, which means that they’ve been analyzed and tested by third parties to ensure that no presence of toxic chemicals are found.

With one of the most rigorous quality assurance processes in the industry, our goal is to ensure that all of our wood-based products offer the highest level of safety for children. Not only are our toys and furniture pieces fun, inspiring, and highly tactile, but they also allow children to understand and respect the natural world – knowing that the toys and furniture pieces that their parents provide for them are made from the world around them.

EN 71-3 Certificate

As one of the most important European standard certificates for children’s toys, our EN 71-3 certificate essentially means that all of our toys meet minimum European safety standards. To uphold this certificate, we use only water-based, non-toxic varnishes on all of our toys and furnitures.

Children will be children – as almost any parent knows. At Simre, we are proactive in our approach to children’s safety by ensuring that the varnishes we use on our toys and furniture pieces are 100% water-based and non-toxic in the event that your child ingests a piece of material. Because the European standards are extremely rigorous, we believe that our EN 71-3 Certificate serves as an important indicator to our commitment to safety.

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